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Difference Between Windows and Linux shared hosting

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In recent most of the website users using shared hosting plan. So, its important to understand about shared hosting and it types.


shared hosting

Generally you may get confused how to launch a website and where to start ? After knowing some basic things about domain and hosting, sure your mind will ask next-level questions like what are the various types of hosting, which hosting is apt for website ? Yes, your questions are reasonable one. Because selection a perfect hosting will help to boost the website performance. Basically hosting plays an important role to host  website. First we will see the various hosting platforms and its sub categories, then we will see the brief about difference between windows and Linux shared hosting.


You may here about various types of hosting, but the two major web hosting platforms are windows and Linux. Further, hosting types are classified from windows and Linux  like VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, eCommerce hosting, CMS hosting, cloud hosting and enterprises hosting etc…,

WHat is shared hosting ?

what is shared hosting

In shared hosting n number of websites are hosted in single server it may be a hundred or a thousand depend upon on server space and configuration. For your clear understand, imagine your street as a shared hosting. Space of your street get shared by many houses. Likewise in shared hosting, server disk space get shared by many websites. And this is the reason hosting service providers giving you the shared hosting plan for cheapest price.

Some important reason to select shared hosting plans are,

1) You will get plenty of disk space and bandwidth to run your website online for cheapest price.
2) Easy to maintain, in which server control will carried out by hosting services providers, so you don’t need to worry about server technical issues.
3) Shared plans are more than enough for individual website, business website and for simple custom web applications.
4) With shared plan you will get some defaults free CMS and eCommerce applications like WordPress, Joomla, opencart, PrestaShop etc…, which simple your risk of website design work.
5) Free business Email ID will available under both Windows and Linux shared plans.
6) Even some hosting providers will offer  free website builder tool to build your website.

Apart from the above advantages depends upon hosting providers, some of the extra features may you get with shared hosting plans.

Now i think you have some clear idea about shared hosting, now lets we will go for main question.

Difference between Windows and Linux shared hosting

Both Windows and Linux shared hostings are powerful. Both have some unique features. Based on your website technology, you need to choose the hosting plans.

Linux shared hosting, works based on open-source Linux operating system in which today most of the websites are runs based on Linux operating platform because of its affordable price and flexibility. Most strong factor to use the Linux platform is PHP and MySQL. Also, both PHP and MySQL will support in windows hosting too, but it will perform better in Linux hosting. It supports most of the PHP applications like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, open cart, PrestaShop, abantecart etc…, When you look for database support, well-known PHP will work perfectly with PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase etc…, In additional Linux hosting will support some languages like python and bash.

windows shared hosting

Windows shared hosting, works based on Windows operating system. Mostly windows will support PHP and Mysql. But choose the windows  hosting plans when you look to develop the application or website using ASP.NET. Because windows hosting are highly configured to support ASP.NET. In case of databases, windows hosting will support both MSSQL and MySQL, use based on your comfort.


Some may ask , “i am using windows PC to develop my website, is only i need to purchase the same windows hosting to host my website ? “, Our answer is NO. Purchase windows hosting when you develop website or application using ASP.NET. Other wise Linux shared hosting is enough for simple websites and php applications.

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