Step-by-Step Guide

How to build your own website in a few hours(No coding or technical knowledge required)

We assume you are already signed in to cPanel, If you want to know how to log in to cpanel, please take this link

Click here if you want to know how to register a new domain and hosting

In software select the sitepad wibsite builder

selite sitepad

All sites in sitepad click to “create a new site”

Open site pad website builder and click the ‘get started’ button

In themes select any one theme and click on the “select” button

select theme

In site pad, Enter Your site details & Click on the “proceed with install” button

Site pad details complete successfully ,and click on “return to sites”

Return to site

In all sites here have one website select”login to the site”

Login to the site

In pages we see all pages , select one website and click on the edit button

all pages

In pages have add new option, here we create a new pages

add new pages

In site pad have blog there select the all posts

Blog all posts

In blog have add new option, here we create a new posts

Blog create new posts

In blog have categories option, here we create a new posts


Blog have tags option, here we can create a new tags


In site pad media library here we find the images, audio, video and all items

media library

In site pad media add new option here we upload the new medias

add new media

In site pad have menus there we create a new menu items


In site pad have themes here we have more themes


In site pad settings have general option, here we change the site title,language,email address,timezone,time format and date format

general settings

In site pad settings have editor setting option, here we can change the widgets,body font,Header and Footer code

editor settings

In reading settings here we can hide the details, navigation, date in the blog


In media settings we can change the image sizes, medium and large

media settings

Permalink settings have link day and name, month and name,numeric,post name, custom structure have separate,separate link

permalink settings

Privacy Policy settings, As a website owner, you may need to follow national or international privacy laws. you may need to create and display a Privacy Policy. If you already have a Privacy Policy page, please select it.

privacy page

Contact form, Page layer settings here we know the email, messages to send successfully or failed

contact form

we can edit here the title ,picture and Background colour changing in this options and have more options

edit this colour

Here we change the effects,styles and animation in this edit box

change the effects

We edit the Background colour and have more options

edit colour

We edit this counter number and colour in our work

edit the number
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